VLN2013 Rd,2
38. DMV 4-Stunden-Rennen

参戦クラス: SP8 クラス
開催日 :2013/4/13
天候 :曇り後晴れ
エントリー 総数:214 台
出走:206 台
完走:132 台
ドライバー #135: 山内 一典・ Uwe Kleen・ Klaus Völker
ドライバー #136: 脇阪 薫一・ Aquira Stanley

Class: SP8 Class
Date: 2013/4/13
Weather: Cloudy, later sunny
Total entries: 214 cars
Cars started: 206 cars
Cars completing race: 132 cars
Drivers #135: Kazunori Yamauchi, Uwe Kleen, Klaus Völker
Drivers #136: Shigekazu Wakisaka, Aquira Stanley



As the VLN 1 race was cancelled due to snow, VLN 2 turned out to be the opening race of this VLN season.


8 時30 分から10 時迄行われた土曜日の予選は大荒れとなり、135 号車は9:49:474 で総合54 位、SP8 クラス4 位の好位置、136 号車は10:09:229 で総合89 位、SP8 クラス6 位の位置につけた。

The qualifications from Saturday 8:30am to 10am were chaotic and resulted in #135 finishing with a time of 9:49:474. Hence it qualified overall as the 54th rank and as a comfortable 4th in the SP8 class. #136 finished on the overall rank 89 and rank 6 in the SP8 class at 10:09:229.


レースは序盤からクラッシュ、接触によりコース上にパーツやオイルが散見され、イエローフラッグ、ダブルイエローフラッグが頻発、波乱含みの展開の中、135 号車・山内選手、136 号車・Stanley 選手共に冷静なドライビングで周回を重ねる。

第2 ドライバーは135 号車がVölker 選手、136 号車が脇阪選手。順調に第2 スティントを開始した両車であったが、レース10 周目に136 号車をアクシデントが襲う。135 号車Völker 選手は、持ち前の堅実なドライビングを続け、総合40 位、SP8 クラス2 位に浮上。最終第3 スティントKleen 選手は、SP8 トップを走っていたHyundai Genesis V6 を追走。Genesis がピットインした20 周目、ついにSP8 トップに躍り出る。レースも残り30 分程度となった所で、レース中盤のサスペンション交換による長時間ピットインで一気に順位を落としていたLEXUS LFA が、後続を次々と抜き去り、SP8 クラス2 位に浮上。Kleen 選手も何とか引き離しに掛かるが、そしてレース24 周目に差し掛かるホームストレートで、ついにLFA に抜き去られてしまう。135 号車もコーナーで差を縮めようとするが、ストレートでまた差が広がってしまい、結局そのままチェッカーを迎えた。

From the race’s opening phase the yellow and double yellow flags were being waved, due to crashes, parts and oil on the track. Nevertheless #135’s driver Yamauchi and #136’s Stanley kept their cool and cumulated laps amidst the turmoil.
Switch to #135’s second driver Völker and #136’s Wakisaka: The cars showed constant performance, however in the 10th round #136 fell victim to an accident. #135’s driver Völker continued his solid driving and rose to overall rank 40 and SP8 class rank 2. In the 3rd and final stint, driver Kleen overtook the Hyundai Genesis V6, which had been leading the SP8 class. Thanks to a pit-in of the Genesis in the 20th lap, Kleen jumped to the top of the SP8 class. At 30 minutes left in the race, the Lexus LFA, which had been experiencing suspension trouble earlier during the race and had had to replace it in an extended pit-in losing several ranks, now, was catching up. It was overtaking the runner ups one by one achieving the second position. Driver Kleen tried to keep the lead, but in the 24th round arriving on to the home straight, finally the LFA overtook. #135 tried to reduce the gap in the corners, however on the straights the distance grew anew and finally the two cars met the checker flag in this constellation.

レース結果#135 : SP8 クラス2 位、総合31 位。
Race result of #135: SP8 Class Rank 2, Overall Rank 31.

『Klaus Völker 選手のコメント』
『Uwe Kleen 選手のコメント』
このCCS-R に携わってくれた全ての人々の為にも、是非ともクラス優勝をしたかった!
終盤ストレートでLFA に、とてつもない速さで抜かれた時、初めて後続車がLFA だったと知りました。LFA は速すぎます!大荒れのレースで、2 位になれた事には満足しています。
『Aquira Stanley 選手のコメント』
CCS-Rは、乗りやすい車ですね。ニュルでのVLN レースは、難しかった・怖かった・でも、とても楽しかった!
Döttinger Höhe の終わりのコース上にバンパーが撤去されずに残っていて、避けた途端にグリップが無くなってコースアウトしてしまった。ウォールに衝突した時、かなりすごい衝撃でした。右フロントの足が折れていて、そこで車を停めることに。折角Stanley 選手が自分に繋いでくれたのに申し訳ありませんでした。

『Driver Kazunori Yamauchi’s Comment』
“After the start there were many crashes, so the yellow flag was waved here and there. The race itself was rough, but the CCS-R was great to race in thanks to its high grade of quality manufacturing. To develop a track car that is not stressful to drive sounds easy, but is very difficult as a matter of fact. If a car gives you that, it is proof of a good car.“
『Driver Klaus Völker’s Comment』
“Even with many participating cars on track, there was more turmoil than I expected. It was a race where it was important to keep your cool. The newly fitted stabilizer was a dream! As a result of the car being very stable when entering corners and accelerating, I was able to achieve a higher top speed than before.“
『Driver Uwe Kleen’s Comment』
“I really wanted to win in this class for all the people working on the CCS-R project! In the end phase however I was overtaken by the extremely fast LFA. Only when it overtook me, I realized the runner up had been the LFA all along. That car is just too fast. I am satisfied to have achieved the second rank in this chaotic race.“
『Driver Stanley Aquira’s Comment』
“The CCS-R is a great car to drive. The VLN Race on the Nürburgring, has been difficult and scary, but a lot of fun!”
『Driver Shigekazu Wakisaka’s Comment』
“At the end of Döttinger Höhe, I encountered a bumper left over from a crash on the track. Right after I successfully managed to avoid hitting it, I lost grip and got off course. When I hit the wall, I experienced a very hard impact. The front right rod broke, so the car came to a halt. What a pity! This after Stanley had promisingly passed the car on to me. I am very sorry.“

レポート: 櫻井 崇
Report: Takashi Sakurai




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